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This course is for the photographer who already understands Advanced and Night photography techniques, using these to capturing people and models outdoors, utilising the light available with artificial light to bring out your subject.   You will discover:


  • Controls of your external flash

  • Controlling a model for the photo

  • Understanding light and how the camera sees it

  • Correct positioning of the Focal Point and Plane


Personal 'one on one' : 2200.00 SEK

Groups (2-3 people)    : 1400.00 SEK per person

Groups (4-6 people)    : 950.00 SEK per person

Students (with ID) receive 30% discount of the above prices.

Includes: Complimentary coffee or tea (or cold beverage) , summary sheet of the course, and TAX (moms) - receipt can be provided upon payment.

Course begins at 2pm in the centre of Malmö near the Triangle - conducted over a three hour period beginning with one hour of theory, then continuing outside exploring Malmö while discovering what your camera and you are fully capable of.    Start location will be confirmed upon reservation.

BOOK HERE!   - Payment can be made in electronic transfer


View the GALLERY from the course...

REQUIREMENTS:  Digital hybrid, or SLR camera with FULL manual control, external flash.  Good knowledge of your camera and flash menus and settings is recommended.

dates on request only...




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